SOVO Technologies makes video accessibility easy, providing customers with live and offline video captioning and transcription services.

    A Robust Team

    With the largest professional transcription and captioning workforce in the market, SOVO has the resources needed to deliver complete services that customers can rely on for fast turnaround times and top accuracy.

    Trusted Transcription Services

    SOVO is trusted to produce high-quality transcripts for trials, depositions, meetings, assemblies, web video materials and additional business use cases.

    High-Quality Captioning

    Whether it’s live sports, cultural events, public affairs or news, SOVO delivers the highest quality captions directly to broadcasters’ encoders with industry-leading accuracy to meet all accessibility regulation and compliance needs.

    Subtitling to Reach Greater Audiences

    SOVO helps customers make their content accessible to anyone, anywhere, assisting them in reaching larger audiences. Subtitles are provided in more than 50 languages, enabling them to work with a variety of clients around the world, including TV networks, broadcasters, video programmers, producers, educational institutions, corporations and government agencies.

    In order to obtain and deliver the best quality closed captioning, SOVO leverages unique elements from its technology, personnel and operational methodology. SOVO’s proprietary live-captioning software, among other offerings, is unique, making it a core part of the VITAC Corporation.


    Together, SOVO and VITAC offer the leading interactive media transcription and captioning solution. Audio description also is offered to help individuals who are blind or with low vision , as well as audiovisual translation to reach international audiences. SOVO and VITAC offer world-class accuracy, scale and customization that professionals and students depend on to meet ADA, FCC, and other federal guidelines.

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